About Me

Hello!  I am Sophie and this is me.

A few years ago I was wanting to make, rather than buy Christmas presents for my family and so I started to learn how to use some design software and created my Tiree Balevullin print (for my bro who loves to surf) and my Tiree Caolas print (for my parents who have a house there).  From that Sophie Scott Designs was born and now the range includes south coast of England prints, Scottish Island prints, Children's nursery art and also some bright abstract prints.


I have always loved art and feel so lucky to have found a way back to it after working in the marine industry for 13 years.   My art gives me flexibility which as a mum of two is so important, and the chance to be creative and have something for myself.  

 My favourite things are sitting in my studio, drawing and designing with a cup of coffee beside me, or being on wild Scottish beaches with the kids.